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Kathryn Aboya

IMDB : Kathryn Aboya - IMDB(nm7088867)

Toronto, Canada



Born and raised in Toronto, Kathryn began her exciting career in the entertainment industry at a young age with her love of storytelling that later became enriched by her previous vocation in the oil industry which took her around the world. Afterwards, Kathryn continued her journey through her extensive "film and television" studies in London, England which later branched out to Melbourne, Australia. She is known for being a dynamic, high energy and devoted actress who immerses herself entirely into any variety of roles she plays; assisted by her Indian/Italian/Germanic heritage. More over, her on-screen presence has been described by Producers as nothing short of electric. Recently, she shared screen-time with Matt Damon in 'Downsizing' and has been recognized internationally for her role as Samira in 'Petrol'. She produced and starred as the lead in the theatre production 'Vigils' by renowned playwright Noah Haidle, which opened to industry acclaim at its Canadian Premiere this year. Her drive and desire to not only take her industry by storm through acting, producing and directing but to continue to fuel her spiritual and nurturing side of helping others is what truly sets her apart from others in her field. Kathryn's future pursuits include utilizing the global network that she has established to create a more egalitarian and nurturing world through the magic of honest and purposeful storytelling. - TMDB Biography By: Alexandra Wilson

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